Photography has become an increasingly important component of my creative life since arriving at Bamff, as well as providing images for the promotion of Bamff Wildland.

Working with mirrorless cameras, drones, trail cameras, smartphones, 360 degree action cameras and thermal imaging devices.

Returning repeatedly to locations in all seasons and in all different lights and weather conditions.

The landscapes, habitats, textures, seasons and skies both day and night inevitably become a huge source of inspiration and experimentation.

And of course the wildlife, which is ever more abundant as the rewilding project evolves, and never baiting them to get any specific shots, leaving photographic experiences only to chance.

The expanding wetlands inevitably leading to record numbers of invertebrates.

..which in turn inevitably leads to more bird activity.

But ultimately it is the keystone species: the beaver which, since 2002, transforms the Bamff landscape into ever more intricate and sculptural dimensions. Their numerous dams helping to create ever wider and deeper ponds and swamps, re-meandering the waterways, raising the water table and giving rise to the conditions that supports a constantly expanding range of species.

For more of my Bamff photography, please visit here.