Shortly after our move to northeastern Perthshire, the pandemic struck, prompting a deeper exploration of the surrounding habitats and landscapes at our secluded new home.

At Bamff, there’s an endless array of inspiring elements to discover, from the intricate details of microenvironments to the always dynamic nature of beaver habitats and the gradual transformation of rewilded landscapes. This remote setting compelled me to create short and micro films that marry these elements with compositions, leading to a growing body of work since 2020, with much of it tailored for social media content.

A particular emphasis has been made on the use of manipulated, lo-fi trail camera footage. But mirrorless cameras, drones, thermal and 360 cameras have also been used for creating an ever growing library of footage.

Musically, the accompanying soundtracks vary from chamber classical ensembles to electronics and field recordings.

The importance of envisioning these mini-projects on a larger scale has grown, and this process is currently in motion. Several upcoming projects will integrate composition, imagery, and the theme of rewilding, presenting exciting opportunities for further exploration and creativity.

A YouTube playlist of over thirty short films made at Bamff (full list in top right corner):